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About IITM Career development Center


IITM runs IT & computer literacy programs, multimedia and Hardware & Networking courses for underprivileged students.

The Information Technology industry is a large industry. IT has shaped the modern world & continues to change it.The major segments in IT are hardware & software.

Software consists of products & services. Software products are packaged or ready-to-use software made by a company for use by others.

Software services companies typically do programming for client compa-nies on a contract basis. These companies take care of the client company’s ‘outsourced’ develop-ment & maintenance of software, training, etc..

Our Institute :

  • Ensures that its course curriculum is as per the needs of the industry & is always kept updated.
  • Provides high-quality learning aids - including books & CDs - to the students & faculty. These are developed specially by the company.
  • Carries out regular training & certification of its faculty to ensure that they are able to handle even advanced IT topics.
  • Supports classroom teaching with assignments, workshops & guided E-Projects.
  • Conducts Workplace Skills training for the students to help them get better job Placements.

Esrar Ahmad
( Director )